for mixed content (HTTP and HTTPS).

for 404s.

for missing pages.

for HTTP 500 errors.

for 403 errors.

for 401 errors.

for any downtime.

for dead links.

for SSL expiry dates.

for SSL certificate issues.

for domain expiry.

for DNS changes.

is crawlable by robots.

Janitor checks your sites
Missing these things costs you time, money, rankings and users.
Dozens of checks

We run dozens of checks against your websites every day. Some run as frequently as every 15 minutes. Find out when there's a problem before your client, your customers, and your users.

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Crawl like your users

Many of the checks we run require us to crawl your website's pages. Our crawler will follow links just like your users would, prioritising the most popular pages in your page structure.

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Some of our checks

  • Uptime - we'll inform you of any down time to your website
  • Mixed content - we'll crawl your site and find any insecure http:// links and assets
  • SSL expiry - we'll let you know before your SSL expires
  • SSL validity - SSL causing browser warnings? We'll let you know
  • Crawlable - we'll ensure your website is crawlable by robots and search engines
  • DNS Changes - any changes to your DNS records, whether website or email, can be tracked
  • 404s - we'll crawl your website and highlight any dead links
  • HTTP 401s & 403s - we'll find any links pointing to unauthorised areas, or problematic servers
  • 500 errors - we'll crawl your websites and highlight any server errors
  • Domain expiry - we'll let you know before your domain name is going to expire