Privacy Policy

At Janitor we take your privacy seriously. This document outlines how we handle you, your data, and who we share it with on this website.

Additionally, we also maintain terms of the app itself, which can be found here. The document you are reading here relates to the marketing website for Janitor, rather than Janitor itself ("the app"). Janitor ("the app") will need to collect additional information about you and your websites in order for it to function. As a general rule, this data is not shared with anyone directly.

What data do we collect?

We use Google Analytics to collect data about our visitors. We do this to try and get an idea of how visitors use the site, which pages are popular, which are least popular and which aren't performing their job as well as they could be. For example, we might analyse the data for a particular help page to see if users stay on the page for a while or go off to read other help articles or not.

The data we get from Google Analytics is anonymous - we can't identify you from it, even if you are logged into Janitor. Google Analytics is able to work out some key bits of information from your visit, such as your country of origin, how you found the website (clicked from another site, or searched for it, for example), and how long you spend on the website.

Additionally, we also keep basic access logs. These logs just show your user agent (which is a bit of text containing details of your web browser and version), your IP address and the page you visited. These aren't really used for much beyond basic stats internally and working out any bugs we may have encountered - they're totally anonymous.

Who to contact if you have a problem?

If you wish to contact us for more information please do so on the contact page on this website.