TTFB Tracking

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A website that responds quickly to requests is imperative. Users a fickle and impatient, they won't wait around for a slow website to load. Our TTFB tracking will visualise the time it takes for your website to begin loading for your users.

What is TTFB?

TTFB, or 'Time to First Byte' is the time is takes for your server to start responding to the request. This is not the same as load time. Many things go on when a page is requested from your website; you may be making database calls, making server-side requests to APIs, or running some calculations. All of these things can slow down the time it takes your server to start responding to the request. We start the timer as soon as the request is made and stop it when the first byte is received.


We check your websites' TTFB every 15 minutes. This data is stored and then we'll give you an average for each website on a day by day basis. It's not really useful to look at an individual TTFB score, so they're averaged over the course of a day and plotted on a graph.

How much data is available?

We plot the last 7 days worth of data onto a graph for each website in your dashboard. Additionally, you can see each websites' average TTFB at a glance from the Websites screen. We only purge data after 90 days, so if you want some additional data about any of your websites just let us know and we'll be able to send you a report.