Domain Expiry

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Domain names expire, and they are a keen target for domain name snipers who aim to take your domain name if you let it lapse. Getting a lost domain name back is nearly impossible if you allow it to fully lapse.

What we check

Using the public whois database we will check your domain to ensure it is not due to expire. You can view the expiry time in days against every check we run, in case you're concerned about expiry.


We run a domain expiry check every morning. A week before your domain name is due to expire we will get in touch. We will also get in touch a day before the domain is due to expire.

When to renew

You don't need to wait until you hear from us in order to renew your domain, you can normally renew way before the renewal is actually due and your domain registrar should be able to update the expiry date automatically. If you receive an alert from us about domain expiry you should really act on it and ensure your domain is renewed with plenty of time.

If your domain does expire your website and emails will go offline immediately. Depending on the domain TLD (.com,,, .fr, etc) you should then have a grace period where you're able to renew the domain and bring everything back online before a domain sniper can take your domain from you. Beyond the grace period your domain is lost forever (or until it's up for renewal again, assuming the new owner doesn't renew!).